My paintings in the interior

It’s always hard to imagine someone’s art in the interior. That’s why the decorating part is so difficult. When you want to organize the space around, the details are the ones that create unforgettable atmosphere and beauty of the place. I can understand why people have so much troubles placing my art into the interior of the house. Recently, I have posted in my instagram account the way I see my works in the space.

Living room. Interior Designed by Svetlana Korevskaya.
Dining room. Interior designed by Svetlana Korevskaya.

As you can see, my works are better shown in minimalistic type of interior, where all the eyes can be attracted by it. Recently, I myself have faced construction works at home. My adult daughter wanted to change something in her bedroom. She is quite an eccentric young lady. She likes bright colors, big colorful spots. It was hard to choose wallpaper, to develop design project itself. She wanted something yet not known. It was such a pleasure for me, when she asked to put my works on the walls of her bedroom. I want to share only one painting that is there, unfortunately. The rest is waiting for my dear husband to place in on the walls.

Crazy wallpapers of my daughter’s bedroom and my painting “The fly”
Comfy evening in the new room.