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Benditch is the creative name of an original artist from Saint-Petersburg,

whose work bears the imprint of the restrained style of Russian Scandinavia. Benditch was born in Leningrad in 1971 and graduated from an art school of Northern capital of Russia. In addition to the artist's art degree she got degree in State University in specialty of Applied Mathematics and processes of controls, which is unexpected. The clarity of mathematical constructions is guessed in the bizarre graphics of young artist.

The consciousness of style and restrained of the arts expressive palette only emphasises the fantastic extravaganza of images that are born when contemplating with this unusual works. Graphics by Bend.itch perfectly suited for modern interiors giving the, semantic completeness and sophistication.

Not so long time ago there was the first exhibition with Benditch as a participant in Museum del Paesaggio, Italy. The link to the event

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Portfolio Some Of Works

An eye

210 х 297 mm
When something realistic interferes with my abstract movements new reality is born.

Floral Motives

210 х 297 mm

Empty space

210 х 297 mm

Black Something

Experiment with colors and textures. New direction.


420 х 594 мм (А2)
There is a separate life inside something, there is a wonderful garden behind any door. Sometimes it's scary to look inside everything.


420 х 297 мм (А3)
A black-and-white tangle of wildflowers at the same time and the root system and the sky and the night and the seeds flying away from the wind.

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